Music composed for film and video.

The Festival of Making

A co-commission between Super Slow Way and Festival of Making, Art in Manufacturing sees 9 multi-disciplinary artists work with 9 of Pennine Lancashire’s most innovative, world-leading manufacturers.

4 pieces of music were produced to go with the 9 films. Each piece was synced exactly to a video, and themed to suit the maker profiled. The pieces were flavoured as acoustic, orchestral, electronic ambient, and alt-rock.

Wonder, Discover, Create

A short, high-impact video designed for social media use. The video is a compilation of different science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects offered at Lancaster University.

The work involved creating the idea for the video, editing the video, creating graphics and produced music to suit the content.

Churchtown Flood Film

An 8 minute documentary on the 2015 and 2016 floods in Churchtown, Lancashire.

The music was composed specifically to the final edit of the video to ensure the highest possible emotional impact. The work included a full edit and balance of the soundtrack and all dialogue.

Hopeful & Glorious

Promoting the Hopeful & Glorious art and craft fairs held at prestige venues across the north-west of England.