Minimal ambient techno. Dublock is now the main outpouring of my electronica/techno work.


The techno backbone of this EP is infused with other elements – you’ll hear flashes of ambient, acid, dub and electronica. 


A full-length album of drones and techno. Coming soon, on limited edition vinyl, from Romeda Records.

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Accompanying Diffusion, this EP features a 10bpm minimal-techno track. Coming soon, on limited edition CD, from Romeda Records.

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Viejos Hombres de Abejon

Viejos Hombres de Abejón are a collective of drone musicians, whose line-up on this release includes Heskin Radiophonic, Echosonic, and Vasko the Pig.

The Library of Noise

Six years since the Viejos Hombres first landed with a blizzard of distortion, they are back. This is a soundtrack for our current dystopia. It’s the rally of the drums in the revolution, it’s the rave of the apocalypse. In short, it sounds like the sky is being torn apart. Mixing in the original album’s swirl of ambience and noise, this new EP throws in influences ranging from My Bloody Valentine through The Orb to Fuck Buttons. It is loud and brutal, yet hypnotic and mesmerising.

Volume One

Using some new fangled doohickeys to manipulate 1s and 0s, granular clouds of noise and melody invite the listener back to the bucolic times of the band’s youth. The album’s six tracks are designed equally to calm the troubled mind and to scare the sane. So, put on your slippers, pop a Werther’s Original in your mouth, relax in your wing-back chair, stoke your briar and enjoy some old-time drone.


Transitional Landscapes

A folktronica collaboration with guitarist, designer, cyclist, photographer and painter Andy Walmsley, drawing inspiration from the landscapes of Lancashire and surrounding areas. This is an ongoing project, and all songs post are very much works in progress.


The Ascent

Sketch #1, v5


Attention all you greasers, hopheads and squares! Stratosonics are here with some down and dirty rock and roll! So buckle in for some high speed, all attitude and no talent psychobilly vibes. It’s loud, crude and very stupid.

Sonic Boom Boogie

The debut EP features 10 tracks, some of them having as many as three chords! Hit me, daddy-o!

Astrobastards & Assholes

Guitars laced with fuzz and cranked to eleven, drums that play through your head and snarled vocals.

BuzzFeed Baby

Two slabs of in your face rock and roll, and both side of the whole single last 159 seconds.

Bettie Page, Love Machine

Stratosonics are back with another wholly unoriginal, noisy, and out of tune slab of balls to the wall rock and roll.


Other Projects


For ten years I played bass in an astonishingly dumb free-jazz meets grindcore band. Inspired by the likes of Melt Banana and Naked City, but lacking any of the talent, we made a racket across the UK for as long as people put up with us.

Pentecostal Chip Shop Holocaust

Lovingly crafted kicks to the eyeball, hewn from the finest available ingredients, and presented on a platter of bile. ?! is five angelic tracks of lilting power-violence.