5 August, 2016

Review: Unfiltered Audio Indent


Indent is a new distortion plugin available free – until 14th August 2016 – from Plugin Alliance. It’s a very simple, easy to get to grips with plugin that offers more in the way of full on clipping and distortion, rather than subtle harmonic warmth.

There are four selectable distortion modes – Soft Clip, Hard Clip, Wavefold and Overfold – that throw on increasing levels of distortion. Interestingly, these are selectable for both input and output stages, allowing for a range from relatively subtle through to full on digital breakup. In between the input and output circuits sits a low-pass filter, that allows you to tame those high distortion peaks.

The fun comes in with the number of modulators that you can assign to any of the controls (apart from distortion mode). These work in a way that will be very obvious to anyone who has used a FabFilter plugin before. Multiple modulators can be assigned to the same control – so you can set an envelope follower and LFO to the filter cut-off for instance. An astonishing range of distortion effects are possible with this very simple setup.

In short, it sounds great, is very flexible and easy to programme a wide range of sounds. It’s not going to be in my list of essential plugins, but it’s a versatile tool that would make a handy part of anyone’s equipment range.