2 July, 2016

coming soon: incline ep

I have just finished work on my new EP, Incline. The 4 tracks – totalling about 31 minutes of music – take the techno developed in The Slug & The Snarl and speed it up a notch, enhancing the pulsing bass and solid beats.

The EP will be released on Bandcamp in mid July, and come as a stream, download and available as an audio cassette, in a strictly limited edition run of 15 cassettes. It will also be released on other digital platforms later in the year.

I’m very pleased to say that the Bandcamp and cassette editions will come with the 4 original tracks by me, Heskin Radiophonic, but also with the same 4 tracks in versions mixed and mastered by Trium Circulorum.

The entire EP will also be available to download as project files and stems for remixing on Splice. If you wish to download the full project files, 2 of the tracks were created in Ableton Live, and 2 created in Logic Pro X.