Oddment Dub

A trio of techno infused electronic dub. The bass is low, the beats are slow. Dial the intensity back several notches and flow with the music.

Release date 5 May 2017


Acoustic and folk instruments weave and intertwine simple melodies and harmonies, delays build, and cavernous echoes rebound.

Release date 30 September 2016


This four track EP evolves the techno of The Slug and The Snarl, but enhancing the throbbing, pulsing techno beats and bass.

Release date 15 July 2016

The Slug and the Snarl

The Slug and The Snarl is a full length album that melds zoned out drones, ambient textures, delicate melodies and pounding, minimal techno beats.

Release date 6 May 2016

Schwarzschild Radius

Entirely remastered in 2015, this four track EP blends epic, outer space, crispy fried electronics with resonant, droning orchestral undertones.

Original release date 12 December 2011

Snow Blossom Moon

Originally from 2009, this 3 track EP is largely performed on enhanced and sampled electric guitar. Remastered in 2009 to enhance detail and remove muddiness in the lower frequencies.

Original release date 6 October 2009


Two tracks of Damnation and Salvation. These tracks are full of reverb soaked ambient drones, crispy beats and ghostly pads.

Original release date: 28 April 2014

Die Verwanderlung

Three organic drones of increasing distance and disorientation.

Original release date 24 June 2011


A brief two piece meditation of contrasting drones, shifting in and out of various mood spaces.

Original release date 24 June 2011

Wait For No Man

Inspired by the sensation of standing on a beach, watching the waves crashing and breaking, the combination of strength, beauty, destructive power and the slow passage of time.

Original release date: 11 June 2009



My Spirit Animal is a Goth Teenager Remixes

The original album by Owlbinos of Northfield was a woozy, off kilter collection of field recorded drones and audio manipulations. The remix album goes off in a variety of tangents, but my track Halloween Debris is a full on, four to the floor stomper. 

Now't Like The Eighties

An iTunes exclusive remix on the 2016 Lancashire Hotpots album. This track is a curious thing. It’s a remix of a version of ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes’ given a Black Lace style remix by the band, and then further remixed in the style of Pump Up The Volume.

A Fistful of Scratchcards

A remix of the rockabilly styled I’m Going To Poundland from the 2014 Hotpots album Crust for Life is given a thumping techno beat. Available as an iTunes exclusive on the Hotpot’s country and western tinged album A Fistful of Scratchcards.